Thursday, 4 August 2011

Okay so I'll admit to being one of those annoying people that 
 get terribly inspired, 
   set up blogs, 
     get terribly uninspired
       forget about blogging, 
         then decide they should start again with a new one.

Thus selfishly contributing to the despair of aspiring bloggers doomed to facing those pesky this-blog-address-is-not-available messages every time they come up with some cool, interesting blog name/address because obviously, I would choose only cool, interesting blog names/addresses.

And my point is ...
This is the beginning of a new blog! Yay!
Or not-so-yay, if you think about it.

Hopefully, I will sustain this one. It's about time anyway. But since I've kind of grown up, I suppose people will be expecting mature thoughts.
To be honest, I almost named this the half-thoughts blog because .. I tend to have the beginning of a thought but I never hardly ever finish them off. Which is a shame, really, because God made us with creative, evolving, malleable minds.


This will be a blog about .. I don't know yet. Clearly haven't thought this through completely eh pahahaha sighs

I must warn you though, if you haven't already come to this conclusion, that I can be a tad long-winded. And circular. And contradicting. But I would entreat you to be nice (I suppose you would be, if you've bothered to read all the way here) when commenting.
I don't know if this will be a 'serious' blog yet - are there too many of these already? But there are far too many (my previous contributions included) blogs of fluff which I would like to try to stay away from. But then, fluff is fun too - we wouldn't want a boring blog would we? Not that I'm expecting many people to read this, but yeah. (As evidenced above, there will be a lot of 'but's too.)

And will this blog be private or public? I would hate if I felt like I had to be politically correct, or to agree with mainstream views about certain things. Or to have to reread what I've written so that it's publicly palatable (ooh new tongue twister).
I think though, that this blog will contain quite a bit about God. Since He's cool and He's a big part of my life. So you've been warned. Haha.

And oh yes, I almost always never know how to end a blog post. Especially if it's a ranting one :P
But since pictures are always interesting and you never like a lot of words without pictures (which I've suffered through with 3 years of law books), here's a random picture! :)

Cherry blossoms, University of Leeds, February 2011